Sidhant Mahapatra is Aartist , Politician ,Bicycle Rider


Sidhant Mahapatra

Everything you’ll need to prepare a perfect RV summer adventure.

Dashed Trail

Sidhant Mahapatara 1St Film

SRADHANJALI is The First Movie Of Sidhant Mahapatra

He is the Former MP in the Brahmapur Seat .

In BJD pARTY His Started His Polytical Carer

Sidhant Mohapatra Crrer Best 1St Movie

Dharma Ra Heba Jay Is Collected 2 corore .

Terrain Map

His Family Life

His Is a Sond and a Daughter and his Wife Name is Mama Mishra


Dashed Trail

His Latest Film is GUNDA  And Collected AS Appromexly 2 corore

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