Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List :As you know that Odisha is a rich state of India where many billionaires have born. The stories of billionaires always inspire and motivate people to become successful. These billionaires also provide job opportunities to unemployed youth of country. Today we are creating the list of richest persons from Odisha to inform people about these billionaires.

Richest Persons from Odisha

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List :The stories of billionaires always inspire and motivate people to become successful. These richest people in Odisha also provide job opportunities to unemployed youth of the country. From a socio-economic standpoint, Odisha is a very important state.

The economy of Odisha is the 16th-largest state economy in India with 4.16 lakh crore (US$58 billion) in a gross domestic product, and then there is a per capita GDP of (US$1,300). Odisha ranks 23rd among Indian states in terms of the human development index. 

The state also boasts some of the richest and most successful men in a wide variety of professions. Here’s a look at some of the top .

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Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List

1. KJS Ahluwalia:

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List-Kamal Jeet Singh Ahluwalia is Odisha’s richest man. He is the chairman of the KJS AHLUWALIA group and the Czar of Odisha’s mining industry. He has over 50 years of experience in the production of cement, mining of iron, coal, graphite, and the manufacturing of steel. 

Under the umbrella of his KJS Group, are companies like KJS Cement, KJS Steel, and various mining projects in many different locations across India. He is a personality with expertise, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the highest order. 

He is an expert businessman, with a knack for calculating risks to his advantage; he has practically made his mark in India. 

KJS Ahluwalia Group’s presence today can be found in multiple sectors that initially started Iron ore Business. It is considered to be one of the most reputed Indian industrial houses with market leadership in many businesses. 

KJS Ahluwalia Group initially started with iron ore & manganese operations and thereafter diversified to iron & steel plant, power plant, cement plant, logistics & transportation, and also played a vital role in media (Sadhna News channel). 

Kamaljeet Singh Ahluwalia is the highest taxpayer in India. He is the country’s top taxpayer in the individual category for 2010-11. 

2. Indrani Patnaik:

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List-Indrani Patnaik, the second richest person in Odisha, is a mining stalwart. She is the owner of the Indrani Patnaik Iron Mines, and Patnaik Minerals which was originally founded by Late Bansindar Patnaik in 1955. 

Patnaik Minerals has mining operations producing Iron, Manganese, Limestone, and Dolomite. The company is a major producer of high grade calibrated iron ore, and a major exporter of iron fines to China. 

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List

Patnaik Minerals Pvt. Limited has recently started a program called the community welfare project in which they give free medical treatment to villagers in the area. The company also gives scholarships to children from the area. She is also a top taxpayer of the state.

Miner Indrani Patnaik has emerged as the top taxpayer from the state in the individual category for 2013-14.

The mine owner has paid Rs. 165 crores as advance tax for the year under assessment. She is followed by another miner KJS Ahluwalia, who paid Rs 154.50 crore as advance tax in 2013-14, over and above Rs. 76 crores paid in 2012-13. 

Patnaik, who paid Rs. 185 crores in 2012-13, has been topping the list of individual taxpayers from the state for the last few years. 

3. Prem Patnaik:

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List-Prem Patnaik, the husband of Indrani Patnaik, is an industrialist and business mogul from Odisha. He is one of Odisha’s biggest money bags. 

Prem Patnaik has over the years established many business ventures, in some of which he has been the sole director. He is one of the most popular family members of the Patnaik family and in the richest people in Odisha list.

At present, he is the managing director of Haryana Coated Papers Limited, HHS India Limited, Jamuna Enterprises Stationery Pvt Limited, Health Home and Shopping India Pvt Limited. 

His family is also one of the biggest and perhaps the most eminent among well-known Odia families; their late father Biju Patnaik having served as the chief minister of the state. 

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List

4. Madhusudan Sahoo:

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List-Madhusudan Sahoo is an Odisha-born Indian public servant. He was appointed as the chairperson of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India. He has also served as a member of the Competition Commission of India. 

His mandate is to oversee the work of insolvency professional agencies to ensure the fair and proper dissolution of insolvent business ventures and ensure that all parties involved are treated fairly and equitably.

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List

5. Subhrakant Panda:

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List-Fifth on the list of wealthiest people in Odisha, Subhrakant Panda is the MD and CEO of Indian Metals and Ferro Alloys Ltd.

He also owns Odisha Television Limited, together with his brother Jay Panda. His family also has interests in cable television and internet broadband services. 

Subhrakant Panda is first and foremost a miner, and it is for this that he is mostly known. His interest in politics is costing him on the business front because politicians are targeting his mining operations, looking for excuses to short down his businesses to damage his reputation and starve him of funds to fulfill his political ambitions. 

He is MD of Indian Metals and Ferro Alloys Ltd., Non-executive Director of Ortel Communications, a member National Executive Committee of Indian Chambers Of Commerce and Industry, and chairman of the FICCI Odisha State Council.

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List

6. Dilip Ray:

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List-Dilip Ray is a noteworthy Indian politician and hotelier from the state of Odisha. He started as a lobbyist for the Mining Association.

He formerly worked as the union minister of steel, coal, and parliamentary affairs. He has the distinction of serving as three Prime Ministers. He is a prominent figure on the richest people in Odisha list.

He is the founder and Chairman of Mayfair Group of Hotels which is largely based in Eastern India.

He is well respected for his in-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry, and for the fact that he is well-positioned in the industry, particularly in eastern India.

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List

7. Pradipta Mohanty:

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List-Pradipta Mohanty is the President-Designate and Chairman of SNM Group, a conglomerate that offers broadband internet connection, and has business interests in commodities. 

Dr. Pradipta Mohanty is a trained doctor, in the field of homeopathic medicine, and also the vice-chairman of CII, Odisha State Council. He is a passionate traveler and a notable promoter of Indian customs and traditions.

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List

8. Ajit Jain:

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List-Ajit Jain, the eighth richest person in Odisha, who was born in Odisha, is the vice-chairman of operations for Berkshire Hathaway.

His family is a finance family; his cousin Anshu Jain was the former co-CEO of Deutsche Bank. He worked as a salesman for IBM. 

Following the closure of IBM’s operations in India, Ajit Jain moved to America and found work with Mckinsey, and then with Warren Buffet. He made good connections at McKinsey and that landed him at Berkshire Hathaway.  

In January 2018, Ajit Jain was named vice-chair of insurance operations and was invited into the board of directors. 

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List

9. Anubhav Mohanty:

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List-Anubhav Mohanty is an Indian film superstar who now doubles as a politician. He debuted in movies with the film I Love You in 2004. Riding on the success that he got, he opened his own production house named Vishnupriya Arts and Graphics

His crowning achievement is the movie Something Something which was produced in the year 2012. He is the only person on the richest people in Odisha list who is an actor.

hat movie ran for 115 days in the theatres of Odisha and Belanguru, setting a record as the only movie to date that has run for 115 days in Bengaluru. The movie was the biggest hit of the year 2012, and that success whetted his appetite for more glory. 

In 2013 he joined the regional party BJD and was elected to Rajya Sabha uncontested in the year 2014. On 23 May 2019, he was elected as a member of parliament from Kendrapara beating the incumbent parliamentarian to the seat. Anubhav Mohanty is the highest-paid actor in Odisha’s film industry.

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List

10. Bijoy Mohapatra:

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List-Bijoy Mohapatra, tenth on the list of wealthiest people in Odisha, is a politician and public servant from Odisha, India.

 He is the leading figure of the Bharatiya Janata Party and served as the Irrigation Minister of Odisha from 1990 to 1995.

He is said to have been the most powerful minister in the cabinet of Biju Patnaik, which is rather surprising because he was an irrigation minister.

He served in the Legislative Assembly for four terms, representing the Kendrapara Constituency. He is widely consulted in his Odisha residence on matters of politics and is a mentor to a lot of people.

The richest men in Odisha are those that have their hands in the mining business. This is because mining accounts for the vast majority of the money generated in the state, and the economy of Odisha is largely dependent on that single industry. 

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List-The only exceptions to the rule are the few career politicians like Bijoy Mohapatra, and Dilip Ray, as well as the filmmaker Anubhav Mohanty (who is now also a politician). Ajit Jain has been living in America for over 20 years, and Dr. Pradipta Mohanty also comprises the list of non-miners. 

Top 10 Richest Persons from Odisha List-Apart from the listed above, every single multimillionaire here listed has his hands deep into the mining cake. They are the tycoons of the mining industry and the biggest controllers of Odisha’s rich mineral resources.

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