OSSSC Group C Previous Year Questions Syllabus Admit Card 2022

OSSSC Group C Previous Year Questions Syllabus Admit Card 2022

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OSSSC Group C Previous Year Questions

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OSSSC Group C Previous Year Questions Syllabus Admit Card 2022

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Types Of Exam

OSSSC Group C Previous Year Questions Syllabus Admit Card 2022– Written

● Skill Test

Number Of Marks:-

SubjectMarksNo Of Questions
General Awareness100100
Reasoning & Mental Ability5050
Practical Skill Test5050
OSSSC Group C Previous Year Questions Syllabus Admit Card 2022

Full Syllabus

Paper- 1 [General Awareness]
● Current National & International Events
● Indian History
● Indian Constitutions
● Worlds Geography
● Defense & Indian Aimed Force
OSSSC Group C Previous Year Questions Syllabus Admit Card 2022 Paper- II [Reasoning & Mental Ability]
● Number Series
● Coding- Decoding
● Alphabet Series
● Age Calculation
● Arithmetic Reasoning
[Mathematics]● Arithmetic 
● Algebra
● Mensuration
● Statistics & Probability
Paper- III [English & Odia]
● Grammar
● Sentence Rearrangement
Paper- IV [Computer Test]
● Windows
● MS Office
● MS Access

Important Question and Answer

1. Who is the Father of our Nation?Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

2. Who was the first President of India?Answer: Dr. Rajendra Prasad

3. Who is known as Father of Indian Constitution?Answer: Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

4. Which is the most sensitive organ in our body?Answer: Skin

5. Giddha is the folk dance of?Answer: Punjab

6. Who was the first Prime Minister of India?Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India.

7. Which is the heavier metal of these two? Gold or Silver?Answer: Gold

8. Who invented Computer?Answer: Charles Babbage

9. 1024 Kilobytes is equal to?Answer: 1 Megabyte (MB)

10. Brain of computer is?Answer: CPU

11. India lies in which continent?Answer: Asia

12. Which country are the Giza Pyramids in?Answer: The Giza Pyramids are in Egypt.

13. What city is the statue of liberty in?Answer: The statue of liberty is in New York City

14. How many Cricket world cups does India have?Answer: India has two cricket world cups.

15. Martyrs’ Day is celebrated every year on?Answer: 30th January

16. Name the first 3 planets in our solar system?Answer: The first 3 planets in our solar system are mercury, venus, and earth.

17. Which is the longest river on the earth?Answer: Nile

18. Gir National Park in Gujarat is famous for?Answer: Lion

19. Which animal has hump on its back?Answer: Camel

20. Name 3 root vegetables?Answer: Beets, carrots, and radish are root vegetables.

21. Name the game which is played with bat, ball and wicket?Answer: Cricket

22. Smallest state of India is?Answer: Goa

23. Fastest animal on earth is?Answer: Cheetah

24. Which is the animal referred as the ship of the desert?Answer: Camel

25. Which plant grows in desert?Answer: Cactus

26. Highest dam of India is?Answer: Tehri Dam

27. The total distance around a figure is called its?Answer: Perimeter

28. A figure with 8 sides is called?Answer: Octagon

29. What colour symbolises peace?Answer: The colour white symbolises peace.

30. National Tree of India is?Answer: Banyan tree

31. Which flower is white in colour?Answer: Jasmine

32. Agra is situated on the bank of river?Answer: Yamuna

33. Baby of horse is called?Answer: Colt

34. National animal of IndiaAnswer: Tiger

35. Shape of Egg is?Answer: Oval

36. Most widely spoken language in the world is?Answer: Mandarin (Chinese)

37. Which insect has colourful wings?Answer: Butterfly

38. Who wrote Romeo and Juliet?Answer: William Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet.

39. Cry of lion is called?Answer: Roar

40. Name any reptile?Answer: A lizard is a reptile.

41. Cataract is the disease of?Answer: Eyes

42. Which organ purify our blood?Answer: Kidney

43. Who wrote the National Anthem – Jana Gana Mana?Answer: Rabindra Nath Tagore

44. How many colours are there in India’s National Flag?Answer: Three

45. Gateway of India is located at?Answer: Mumbai

46. Who was Albert Einstein?Answer: Albert Einstein was a famous scientist.

47. What crop is famously grown in the region of Darjeeling?Answer: The region of Darjeeling is known to grow Tea leaves.

48. Capital of Uttarakhand is?Answer: Dehradun

49. When do we celebrate our Independence Day?Answer: 15th August

50. Sun is a?Answer: Star51. Which planet is nearest to Earth?Answer: Venus

52. We get solar energy from?Answer: Sun

53. What islands are a part of the country of India?Answer: The Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep Islands belong to India.5

4. Where does a dog live?Answer: Kennel

55. Which animal is called the ship of the desert?Answer: Camel

56. Goitre is caused due to the deficiency of?Answer: Iodine

57. Who was George Washington?Answer: George Washington was the first president of the United States of America.

58. Longest river in the world is?Answer: Nile

59. How many players are there in a cricket team?Answer: 11

60. Largest island in the world is?Answer: Green Land
First Advocate of Odisha                              : Sri Madhusudan Das
First Ambasador of Odisha                          : Lalitendu Mansingh
First Autobiography Writer                         : Fakir Mohan Senapati
First Air Marshal of Odisha                           : Saroj Jena
First Awarded Gyanapitha                           : Gopinath Mohanty
First Governor of Odisha                              : Dr. Harekrushna Mahtab
First A. I. R. of Odisha                                    : A. I. R., Cuttack (1948)
First Central Minister of Odisha                      : Dr. Harekrushna Mahtab
First Chief Justice of Supreme court       : Ranganath Mishra
First Cinema Hall of Odisha                        : Sitaram Vilas Talkies (SSBT), Berhampur
First Color Odia Film                                      : Gapa Helebi Sata (1976)

 First Odia feature Film                                  : Sita Bibaha (1936)

 First Cinemascope Odia Film                      : Hisab Nikas (1982)
First Cinemascope Odia Film                      : Swapna Sagar (1983)
First Silver Julee Hit Odia Film                  : Puja
First Hindi Film produced in Odisha        : Shodh- 1979 (Producer: Sitakanta Mishra)
First Odia director directed Hindi Film  : Prasanta Nanda
First Odia Video Film                                     : Bahini
First Film studio of Odisha                          : Kalinga Studio, Bhubaneswar
First College of Odisha                                  : Ravenshaw College, Cuttack (1868)

 First Medical College                                   : Sreeram Chandra Bhanja Medical College, Cuttack (1944)

 First Engineering College                            : University College of Engineering, Burla (1956)
First Private Engineering College             : Orissa Engineering College, Bhubaneswar (1986)
First Engineering School                             : Bhubanananda Orissa School of Engineering, Cuttack (1923)
First Women’s College                                 : Sailabala Women’s College
First High School of Odisha                         : Cuttack Collegiate School
First Girl’s High School                                  : Ravenshaw Girl’s School, Cuttack
First Odia doctorate degree                        : Choudhury Jagannatha Das
First Post Graduate                                         : Sri Madhusudan Das
First Graduate of Odisha                              : Sri Madhusudan Das
First Medical Graduate                                 : Dr. Surendra Narayan Acharya
First Engineering Graduate                         : Madhab Chandra Pattnaik
First Essay written in Odia                           : Bibeki (Late Radhanath Ray)

 First Odia LokSabha Speaker                      : Rabi Ray

 First Odia Astrologer                                      : Samanta Chandrasekhar
First Odia Freedom Fighter                         : Veera Surendra Sae
First Odia Poet                                                  : Mahakabi Sarala Das
First Odia Professor                                        : Prof. Pranakushna Parija
First Lecturer                                                     : Kashinath Das (Dept. of Sanskrit, Ravenshaw College)
First Odia Novelist                                          :RamShankar Ray
First Odia International cricket player    : Debasish Mohanty
First Odia IFS                                                     : Kumari Sanjukta Pattnaik
First Odia Air Marshal                                    : Sri Saroj Jena
First Odia Everest Mountaineer                      : Chetana Sahu
First Odia Arjuna  Awardees’                      : Minati Mohapatra
First Odia Film Made in 15 Languages    : Jai Jagannath (2007)
81 Songs in Odia Film                                     : Basanta Rasa (1984)
First Odia Police Commissioner                       : Srikrushna Mohapatra
First Odia Padmabhusana Awardees’     : Prof. Pranakrushna Parija
First Odia Foreign Justice                             : Lalitendu Maansingh
First Odia American Ambassa
dor             : Lalitendu Maansingh
First District Collector                                    : Jatindra Nath Mohanty
First Odia Padmashree Awardees’           : Laxminarayan Sahu (For Education)
First Odia Political prisoner                        : Rajakrushna Bose
First Odia Law Graduate                               : Biswanath Mishra
First Odia ICS Officer                                      : Nilamani Senapati
First Odia Jamunalal Bajaj Awardees’     : Ramadevi  Choudhury
First Odia Foreign Traveler                          : Sri Madhusudan Das
First woman Chief Minister                        : Smt. Nandini  Satapathy
First woman Commissioner                        : Ranu Mishra
First woman Minister of Odisha                       : Basanta Manjari Devi
First woman Pilot of Odisha                       : Giribala Mohanty
First woman Barrister of Odisha               : Urmila Ray
First woman Director of Odia film            : Parvati Ghosh
First woman Physician of Odisha              : Dr. Kuntala kumari Sabat
First woman Surgeon of Odisha                      : Dr. Jyotsna Devi
First woman MLA of Odisha                        : Sarala Devi
First woman cricket Trainee                       : Ranjeeta  Mohanty
First woman English Film actor                  : Dr. Jyotsna Devi
First woman Europe traveler of Odisha : Rama Devi
First woman Politician of Odisha              : Rama Devi
First woman IAS topper of Odisha           : Rupa Mishra
First woman Television Newsreader      : Sanghamitra Kanoongo
First woman Hindi film actor of Odisha : Dolly Jena
First woman Bengali film actor                  : Mahashweta Ray
First woman Director of Radio Centre    : Veena Devi
First woman IPS officer of Odisha            : Sowmya Mishra
First woman Poet of Odisha                       : Sulakshana Devi
First woman graduate of Odisha               : Narmada Kar
First woman college Lecturer                     : Nirmala Nayak
First Rajyasabha member of Odisha        : Nandini Satapathy
First woman IAS of Odisha                          : Pragnya Paramita Das
First woman Justice of High Court           : Amiya Kumari Padhi
First woman Engineer of Odisha               : Sudhira Das
First woman Author to receive
– Sahitya Acadamy Award                            : Smt. Binapani Mohanty
First Jute Mill of Odisha                                     : Konark  Jute Mill
First Television Centre                                  : Doordarshan, Sambalpur
First Superfast Train of Odisha                  : Konark Express (BBSR to Mumbai)
First Newspaper of Odisha                          : Utkal Deepika
First Port of Odisha                                         : Chandipur
First Paper Factory of Odisha                     : BrajarajNagar
First Printing Press of Odisha                     : Utkal Printing Press
First River Dam of Odisha                            : Hirakud
First Daily Newspaper                                   : Dainika Asha
First Odia Periodical                                       : Gyanaruna

Other Eligibility Conditions:

OSSSC Group C Previous Year Questions Syllabus Admit Card 2022-The Candidates Must b a citizen of Indian.
✯ Have not more than one spouse living.
✯ Have a good mental and physical Health.

✯ Having not criminal Offence.
✯ The Candidate must have Aadhar Card/ Pan Card/ Voter Card. OSSSC Group C Previous Year Questions Syllabus Admit Card 2022 .

How to Apply OSSSC Jobs

OSSSC Group C Previous Year Questions Syllabus Admit Card 2022-At First Visit its Official Website.

2. Then read the Official notification clearly.

3. Then click on apply online link. OSSSC Group C Previous Year Questions Syllabus Admit Card 2022 .


OSSSC Group C Exam Pattern

Subjects of Written TestNo of Questions and Maximum MarksTime
Arithmetic40 Questions & 40 Marks3 Hours
General Knowledge40 Questions & 40 Marks
English40 Questions & 40 Marks
Odisha20 Questions & 20 Marks
Computer40 Questions & 40 Marks
Total: 180 Questions & 180 Marks
OSSSC Group C Previous Year Questions Syllabus Admit Card 2022


  • In the written test, there shall be negative marking @ 0.5 marks per question for wrong/ multiple answers. OSSSC Group C Previous Year Questions Syllabus Admit Card 2022 .OSSSC Group C Previous Year Questions Syllabus Admit Card 2022 .
  • The written test shall be of 10th class standard (HSC Standard) i.e. (MCQ type in OMB System).
  • The minimum qualifying marks for ST/ SC, PWD, Ex-Servicemen, and Sportsperson candidates shall be 30%. The minimum qualifying marks for candidates other than ST/ SC, PwD, Ex-Servicemen, and Sportsperson categories shall be 35%.OSSSC Group C Previous Year Questions Syllabus Admit Card 2022 .
  • Based on the performance of candidates in the Written Test and after Verification of documents the candidates who have been shortlisted category/ special category wise for the above group of posts shall be called for Physical Test. OSSSC Group C Previous Year Questions Syllabus Admit Card 2022 OSSSC Group C Previous Year Questions Syllabus Admit Card 2022 ..
  • There shall be a Physical Test comprising of Physical Standard Measurement (PSM) and Physical Efficiency Test (PET) for recruitment to the post of Forest Guard and Excise Constable only.OSSSC Group C Previous Year Questions Syllabus Admit Card 2022 .

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