Kichakeshwari Temple Of Odisha

Kichakeshwari Temple Of Odisha-Kichakeshwari Temple is located at Khiching. Mostly the place Khiching is an ancient village of Mayurbhanj District of Odisha. This place is the place of Hindu goddess. The temple is constructed in the year 920/925 but due to many years Mayurbhanj king Maharaja Pratap Chandra Bhanjdeo reconstructed the temple in the year 1934.

Kichakeshwari Temple Of Odisha Details

Kichakeshwari Temple Of Odisha-The temple height is 100ft and the temple total area is 1764sq.ft. The Kichakeshwari temple is center position of the Balasore and Baripada. The temple side green nature really amazing to stay their. Khiching place is getting much more popularity in all over India because of the beauty of temple.

Kichakeshwari Temple

Kichakeshwari Temple Of Odisha-The temple Hindu Goddess Chamunda alias Kali located in Khiching. Maa Kichakeshwari devi is the Goddess of this temple. Mostly the temple height is also increasing the place beauty. Mostly the place creating an place of spirituality. Also maa Kichakeshwari devi is not only kuladevi of Bhanj dynasty but also the State deity. The temple is also one of the best attraction point of the mayurbhanj district. Also in the side of the temple their are many types of toursit attraction places are their those are really giving an amazing experience for visiting to this place.

Famous Festivals

Kichakeshwari Temple Of Odisha-The temple famous festival is Sivarathri. This festival being celebrated over 7days. Also this festival is one of the most popular festival in Khiching. In this festival peoples are joining from different places to celebrating. Mostly in this temple also their are other festivals are also being celebrated over year.

Architecture Of The Temple

Kichakeshwari Temple Of Odisha-The temple style or creation look like the Lingaraj temple and Brahmeshwara temple. Mostly Kichakeshwari temple is one of the most impressive temple of Kalinga style. Kichakeshwari temple built and dedicated to kichakeshwari, chrandesekhar and kutaintundi. In the temple outside wall their are many type of carvings and exquisite sculptures. The temple interior is single rooms where Goddess is being present their and worshiped. Also temple most pillars are designed in sculpted with Nagin that are increasing the beauty of the temple.

Kichakeshwari Temple Of Odisha-In the exteriors part of the temple many god and goddess  murtis are their that really amazing to visiting this place. In inside the temple complex their is an “Itamundhi” that is an historical work. In the year 1934 the temple reconstructed with a approximate amount of Rs. 85,000. Mostly the temple originally built in 7th or the 8th century. Also in this temple giving many types of historical moment creations.

Temple Timing

Opening early : 5am
Closes : 10am

Temple closed : 12 noon to 3 pm

Outside Other Attractions

Kichakeshwari Temple Of Odisha-The Museum is another attraction of the temple. In the year 1922 Maharaja Purna Chandra Bhanjdeo being constructed the museum. The Museum is showing the historical moments and also showing old days images of god and goddess. The museum also showing life-size excavated idols of many gods and goddess. Also this is the one place where the temple some historical moments are being stored. Also the museum getting much popularity in mayurbhanj district of Odisha.
Kichakeshwari Temple photos

Other Attractions Of This Place

1) Kichakagarh Fort
2) Viratgarh Fort
3) Chandrasekhar Temple
4) Kutaitundi Temple

Best Time To Visit

Kichakeshwari Temple Of Odisha-In three seasons you can visit this place. But in summer season temperature going to high of 40degree celsius and dropping to 25degree celsius during the time. In monsoon season their is heavy rainfall and in winter season is during temperature is good to visiting to this place. Mostly winter season is the best season to visiting to this place. The month February to April is also the best time to visiting to this place.

How To Visit

Kichakeshwari Temple Of Odisha-Road ways : All types of roads are connected to this place, So you can easily travel to this place from road ways. Kolkata to this place is just 311 km and Hyderabad to this place is just  1314 km then you can easily visit this place in road ways.
Rail ways : The nearest railway station is Baripada and the station is connected to all place of odisha and other places. So can easily visit this place in train.
Airways : Bhuabneswar is the nearest airport of this place and all types of travel facilities are connected from airport to this place.

Where To Stay

Kichakeshwari Temple Of Odisha-All type of facilities are their outside of the temple. In this place their are many types of private hotels and many type of ashrams are their then you can easily visit this place. Are you interested to adding more details to this topic then contact us with your details.

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