How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank :Bhubaneswar (capital of Odisha) is positioned in the Khordha district of Odisha, in the eastern coastal plains along the Eastern Ghats. Bhubaneswar is topographically divided into the western uplands and the eastern lowlands with hillocks in the northern and western sections of the city.

Many of the major banks and financial organizations provide personal Loan to the borrowers. They present unsecured loans starting from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 40, 00,000, which implies that the person need not mortgage anything or prove an asset. The primary aim for availing a personal loan in Odisha covers all the needs. Rupee Station is one of those platforms which are recognized for the successive steps in the business sector on Personal Loans. Providing the people with excellent rates of interest and hassle-free documentation, Rupee Station is what the user would desire for.

Easy Personal Loan in Odisha

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-Individuals can apply for these loans for a variety of purposes, and Rupee Station grants the users with low tenure and easy repayment options. The candidate does not require a good credit history or cibil score to avail personal loans in Odisha at Rupee Station.  Every applicant needs to do is to fill up the online application form and wait for the approval. After the bank verifies all the documents, the money is disbursed within two working days.

Rupee station does not believe in taking fee or commission from the candidate when they apply for Personal Loan online in Odisha. Rupee station ensures that the applicant gets a good deal for a Personal Loan in Odisha by matching the details upon the eligibility criteria of numerous banks and NBFCs. The applicant can see the different segments on EMI calculator, CIBIL abacus, and Eligibility calculator to obtain the information on how to get the lowest interest rates for Personal Loan in Odisha.

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank

Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank :Rupee Station accommodates the process elements in each area across the city of Odisha. The applicant can get an instant Personal Loan online approval in Odisha, provided they meet the right criteria for a bank or NBFC. To apply for Personal Loan online through the site the applicant needs to fill the form. All they would get is hassle-free documentation, low tenure, secure payment options and extra benefits for women candidates.

Features and Benefits of Odisha Gramya Bank Personal Loan

  • Maximum loan amount
  • Multiple loan repayment options
  • Fast & easy processing of personal loan application
  • Quick loan approval
  • Guarantor is not insisted upon by the bank
  • Attractive & competitive interest rates
  • Offers special schemes and discounts for employees of large companies
  • Usually, no security is required for availing personal loan

How to Apply for Odisha Gramya Bank Personal Loan?

  1. Apply Online: You can apply online through website of Odisha Gramya Bank and fill up your personal information and work information & uploading necessary documents. You can apply after checking your loan eligibility.
  2. Apply Offline: You can visit personally to any of Odisha Gramya Bank branches alongwith all the required documents , fill up the form and get your loan approval process started.

Odisha Gramya Bank Personal Loan Purpose

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-To meet all sorts of financial needs like a holiday trip abroad, household shifting, marriage in the family, payment of credit card bill, repayment of an existing loan, medical emergencies and many more without worrying about keeping any collateral or property.

Odisha Gramya Bank Personal Loan Eligibility

  1. Age: 21 to 58 years.
  2. Permanent employees of State/Central Govt., Public Sector Undertakings, Corporations, Private Sector Companies and reputed establishments.
  3. Salaried / Self – Employed with regular income.
  4. Number of years in the present job/ business/ profession: upto 3 years

Odisha Gramya Bank Personal Loan Document Required

  1. Duly filled up and signed personal loan application form
  2. Photographs
  3. Proof of identity- Passport, Voter ID card, Driving license, PAN card, Aadhar Card, Government department ID card
  4. Proof of income -Latest salary slip showing all deductions or Form 16 along with recent salary certificate (for salaried individuals)
  5. Proof of income- Income Tax Returns of 2 previous financial years (for other than salaried individuals)
  6. Proof of Address – Bank account statement, Latest electricity bill, Latest mobile/telephone bill, Latest credit card statement, Existing house lease agreement
  7. Bank Statement or Bank Pass Book of having entries of last 6 months

Odisha Gramya Bank Personal Loan Amount

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-Maximum limit of Rs. 10.00 lakh

Odisha Gramya Bank Personal Loan Repayment

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-Maximum 60 EMIs are allowed for repayment of personal loan. It starts from 12 EMIs. Repayment period also depends upon your credit score.

Odisha Gramya Bank: Repayment as Equated Monthly Installments (EMI)

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-Any one of the following methods can be used to repay the loan:

  • Standing instruction registration at your bank
  • Through Internet Banking solution
  • Automated Payment through ECS (Electronic Clearing service)
  • Through Mobile Banking App, if provided by the bank

Top 3 Reasons of Rejection of Personal Loan Application

(1) Poor Credit Score

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-Credit score is considered as a measure of credit worthiness of any person. Good Credit Score determines your credibility to repay the loan without defaulting it. Credit score is important for lender to assess the risk of default. Due to poor credit score, many of the personal loan applications get rejected by the lenders. A person having credit score less than 750 may face an issue of his/ her personal loan rejection.

(2) Higher Size of Existing Debt

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-If you have already taken a lot of loan and the loan to net income ratio is above 40% then the lenders may reject your loan application.

(3) Higher Loan Enquiries

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-Whenever you apply for a credit, the lender asks for your credit report from the credit bureaus which is called an enquiry. The credit bureau considers such enquiries as hard enquiries and mentions it in your credit report. You yourself should not make too many enquires even if it is available free of cost. Too many enquiries has a negative impact on your credit score.

Personal Loan Myths

Pre-payment of Personal Loan always attracts Penalty

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-It is not true that pre-payment of Personal Loan always attracts penalty. It depends upon lenders to charges any pre-payment penalty. It has been seen that there are many lenders who do not charge any prepayment penalty.

Personal Loan at Lowest Interest Rate is the Best

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-It is not correct that Personal Loan at lowest interest rate is the best. There are other important components also which matter a lot while selecting best lender for personal loan. These components are processing fee, eligible amount, tenure of loan repayment, service issues, other terms of loan, etc. You need to consider all these components in addition to lowest interest rate.

Hike in Interest Rate increases EMIs of Personal Loan

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-When these in a hike in interest rate, loans obtained at fixed rate of interest would not affect. In case of floating rate loans also, if you do not want EMIs to go up, you can go for increase in tenure.

Your Personal Loan Application Gets Rejected if you do not have Regular Income

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-In case you do not have a regular source of income, there are chances when you can get personal loan application approved and can avail personal loan. Loan approval can be given to you if you add a joint holder having a regular income or you can borrow from peer to peer lenders.

Longer Personal Loan Repayment Tenure is Better

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-It is an assumption that longer personal loan repayment tenure is better as the borrower will need to pay lower EMIs which he/ she can pay comfortably but it is not so. Longer repayment tenure brings higher interest outgo also. You will need to pay interest for longer time period.

Interest Rates are not Negotiable

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-Interest rates on personal loan vary from customer to customer. Customers with high credit score and good income can negotiate on interest rates with the lenders and can get comparatively lower interest rate loans.

Good Credit Score Guarantees Personal Loan Approval

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-Carrying good credit score does not guarantee personal loan approval as there are other factors like income, regularity of income, employer, employment type, etc. which the lender consider during loan approval process apart from good credit score.

You cannot Get Personal Loan with Poor Credit Score

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-Credit Score is just one of the few measures considered during home loan approval process to decide whether to give approval or in the rejection of the loan application. In some cases, your home loan application may be rejected despite having good credit score, if other factors are not up to the mark. With bad credit score, you can get a home loan but probably at higher interest rate. Sanction of home loan also depends on other factors like age of the borrower, income of the applicant, etc.

If major banks are not providing home loan with poor credit score, you may avail the loan from many other cooperatives banks and NBFCs.

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Factors on which Insta Loan Eligibility depends:


The younger you are your probability of getting loan is more you have. As when you are young the bank or any financial organisation thinks you are more capable of repaying the loan. In the case of Insta Loan whether you are a salaried employee or you are self-employed your age should be between 25 to 65 years.


Your income is the most important factor on which your Insta Loan eligibility depends. The more you earn, more is the possibility of timely repayments. In case of Insta Loan if you are a salaried person your yearly minimum income should be ₹400,000 and if you are a self- employed person your minimum income should be ₹600,000.  


How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-Employment stability is also an important factor on which your Insta Loan eligibility depends. For the Insta Loan if you are salaried person you should have at least 2 years of full time work experience in your current profession. And if you are a self-employed person then you should be having at least 5 years of earning turnover.

Credit Rating / CIBIL Score

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-Your credit rating holds a lot of value. It reflects your financial borrowing history and your repayments history too. If your credit score is high your probability of getting a loan is more. Generally 750 credit score is considered good. If you are have a CIBIL score less than 750 then your chance is also less, and in some case you may get loan at this credit rating also but then your interest rate will be somewhat high as compared to others.


How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-The employer with whom the candidate (borrower) is working with is the most ideal approach to gauge the believability of the candidate. Being a piece of rumoured and high turnover organizations is an advantage with regards to applying for the Loan.

How to be eligible all the time?

How to Get Easy Personal Loan in Odisha Bank-Finance Buddha’s Insta Loan is the fastest solution in urgent times. But to avail Insta Loan facility one has to be eligible as per the eligibility criteria mentioned above. Failure to meet eligibility criteria will result in rejection of your online personal loan application.

  1. Credit Rating/CIBIL Score: To avail an Insta Loan, the applicant should have a minimum CIBIL Score of 750. CIBIL Score is the reflection of your borrowing and repayment history. A good CIBIL Score implies that so far you have had a good mixture of secured and unsecured loans and you have been regular and timely with your repayments. An applicant with good CIBIL Score stands out as a Credit Worthy Borrower, who will be regular with the repayment of the Insta Loan (if disbursed).So, it will be a good idea to become regular with your existing repayments (if you have not been so far, or continue it if have been already). This will help you improve your CIBIL Score and will help you in availing any loan in future, not just Insta Loan.
  2. Monthly Income:  To repay any loan in equal monthly instalments or EMIs, one should have a sufficient income that even after paying for the EMI, there would be enough left for other necessities such as rent, food, bills, clothes and transportation. In general, the ratio of the total monthly EMIs should not exceed 35% of the monthly income, so that there is enough left for other things. Even if you are in high income range, your fixed monthly obligations should not be in excess of 60% of your in hand monthly income.Whatever be your salary range, if your FOIR is higher, it would be a good idea to either: lower your existing EMIs with a balance transfer loan or find additional source of income to lower your FOIR. This will increase the chances of your Insta Loan application, should you ever want to avail it in future if the need be.
  3. Job Stability/ Employer: Salaried Employees of top-notch companies and MNCs have a secure and stable future and hence employment. In contrast to this, small and medium companies, proprietorship and start-ups do not have a secure future and there is always a risk involved that these can shut-down anytime, jeopardizing their employees financial future.Any lender will always prefer an employee of a MNC over an employee employed with a start-up. Also the employees of top companies get additional relaxation in the rack interest rates of any loan.
  4. Job Stability: Another important factor considered is job stability. It becomes for any lender to gauge an applicant’s eligibility if they have a stable and continuous career. This helps lender to analyze the financial condition of the applicant and their repayment capability. In contrast to this an applicant with multiple job changes and employment gaps cannot be trusted with any loan, as their income is neither stable nor guaranteed. In such a condition it is tough to decide whether such applicants would be regular with their repayments or not. Hence a natural inclination of any lender would be to decline the application from such applicants.

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