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Food Odisha Token List 2022-23 | Farmer Registration Status Report

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The state government of Odisha is inviting to purchase both Rabi and Kharif season crops through Dhana Mandi and Society. The Society or Mandi is accepting the offline application form for purchasing the crops. Each and every farmer of Odisha should submit the application form to your nearest Paddy Procurement Centre.

Food Odisha Token List 2022

Food Odisha Token List The state govt. of Odisha has made huge preparation for the procurement of Kharif Paddy and Rabi crops. 14 lakh and 97 thousand farmers already have registered for the selling of their crops. The farmers will receive the food Odisha Token before 7days of the crop collection. The procurement data, token number and crop quantity will be sent to Farmer’s registered mobile number.

Odisha Ration Card List 2022

Food Odisha Token List In this article today, we will share with you all the important aspects of the Odisha ration card for the year 2020. In the Odisha Ration Card List article, we will share with you the importance of the ration card which is available for all of the residents of Odisha for the new year of 2021. Through the implementation of this ration card, different types of benefits will be provided to all of the residents of Odisha state. In this article, we have shared each and every step-by-step guide through which you can undertake the different procedures related to the ration card of Odisha state.

Odisha PDS Ration Card – New List

Food Odisha Token List The ration card is one of the most important documents for Indian citizens. Through the implementation of the ration card, many different types of benefits are provided to all of the citizens such as the availability of subsidized food items. The Indian government gives subsidize food items to all of the people who have below the poverty line ration card available. Through the ration card, you are able to get different types of food items and carry on your life even if you are not able to pay for the regular price of food items.

How to Check Food Odisha Token List 2021

The some easy steps to check token list are given below.

Step 1 : Visit Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare Department website

Step 2 : At home page click on “Farmer Registration Status Report” option. or directly click on this link.

STEP 3: On this page, you will see a page similar to below.

Farmer Registration Status
Odisha Farmer Registration Status

Step 3 : Select year, district, block and society and farmer registration status report will open as shown below.

Step 4 : Food token list will open as shown below.

Farmer Registration - Food Odisha Token List

Odisha Ration Card 2021 List, Status News Update

Odisha Ration Card List 2021 PDS Odisha Ration Card New List 2019-2020 has been issued by the Food Supplies & consumers welfare department of Odisha. he Candidates who recently applied for Ration Card & want to check PDS Odisha Ration Card New List 2019 will get the complete information here.

OTPDS Ration Card List 2019 Consists each detail of Beneficiary Such as Ration Card No, Name of HOH, Father Name, Spouse Name, No of Family Members, Type (AAY/PHH) & Combination etc.

Food Odisha Portal Wholesaler / Sub Wholesaler List

Process to check wholesaler / sub wholesaler list is given below.

Step 1 : Visit Food Odisha Portal Government of Odisha

Step 2 : At home page, click on “Wholesaler / Sub Wholesaler List” in FPS Dealer List.

Step 3 : Direct link

Step 4 : Select District and click on “Show” button.

Step 5 : The wholesaler list of selected district will open as shown below.

Food Odisha Portal wholesaler / sub wholesaler list

Food Odisha Token List 2022 | Dhana Mandi Token List

Food Odisha Token List They can download the application form from the official website of food Odisha and submit these forms to their nearest Paddy Procurement centers. Only then all the farmers will be check their Food Odisha Token List 2022 / Odisha Dhana Mandi Token List 2022 for selling their crops at reasonable prices.

The Odisha government has already prepared to purchase Kharif crops. Around 15 lacs farmers of Odisha have already registered to sell their crops. According to the Food supply and consumer welfare department, 19 quintals of paddy can be sold by farmers with irrigated land and 12 quintals of paddy can be sold by farmers with non-irrigated land.

  • Article’ Name : Food Odisha Token List 2022 / Dana Madi Token List
  • Launched by : Central government and State government of Odisha
  • Department : Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department
  • Launched Date :
  • Starting Date to Apply : Not Available
  • Last Date to Apply : Not Available
  • Beneficiaries : All the farmers of Odisha
  • Objective : To encourage farmers for doing farming by giving them suitable prices of their crops.
  • Application’s Mode : Online / Offline
  • Official Website :

Benefits of Food Odisha Token List

  • Now farmers will be able to get the suitable prices for their crops.
  • With the help of this portal, farmers can register themselves into this portal so that Dhan Mandi Department can reach direct to the farmers by releasing token list.
  • This scheme will remove the worry of the farmers whether their crop will sell or not.

Government Prices for Rice

The farmers are worried about whether their crops will get the right price or not. Because it is a year-long effort of the farmers, it is not wrong to think about its right price. That is why the government has tried to ensure that farmers do not suffer losses and they get the right price for their hard work. That is why the government will pay rupees 1868/- per quintal rice and rupees 1888/- per quintal grade- A rice to the farmers.

Procedure to Pack and prepare the packets of Paddy

  • Farmers are advised to clean their paddy crop thoroughly.
  • After cleaning, make the packets of 25 or 50 kilograms.
  • Use the plastic bags to pack the paddy crop.
  • Keep your paddy packets in a safe place, so that they can be savedfrom mice and moisturizers.
  • You will be given a token 7 days before the paddy market, Wait for it.
  • When you will get a token from the paddy market, go to the market with your valid identification proof and packets of paddy.

Food Odisha Token List 2022 Download / Dana Mandi Token List

  • Visit the official website of the Food Odisha Token List 2022, That’s is
  • This Is also know as a Name of Odisha Dana Mandi Token list 2022. so don’t confuse with these two names.
Food Odisha Token List 2021
  • On the Home page, Go to the section Online services. Then click on the Transparency Portal.
  • Now a New page is open.
Odisha Dana Mandi Token List
  • Now In this Portal, You need to go Procurement Section and Click on Know Farmer Registration Status.
  • A new is open in witch you fill KMS Year, Season, District Name, Select GP, Select Block, Village Name and then click on the show button.
  • In this page you will see all the details of Farmers.
  • Now you can check the complete details via click on Print details option.
  • Now You can check the Food Odisha Token list 2022 via click on PPAS Section.
  • Print this Page copy as a Hard copy for future reference.

Pricing of Rice per Quintal for 2021 (MSP)

Everyone gets worried about the pricing. It’s very usual. Because a farmer always wants to get a fair price for his one-year hard work and labor. So, the Government has decided to pay the new Minimum Support Price (MSP) rate to the farmer. The pricing of FAQ quality Rice is set to Rs.1868/- whereas the pricing of Grade-A Rice is set to Rs.1888.

How to Check the food Odisha token list 2021-22?

Food Odisha Token List This year the Government will purchase by issuing an Advance token. The farmers will receive the food Odisha Token before seven days of the Paddy collection. The Food Department will send the procurement data, token number, and crop Quantity to the Farmer’s Registered mobile number.

Also, the farmer token list will be available on your nearest Paddy Procurement Centre notice board. Apart from this, you can visit the Food Odisha Official portal to find your token list and name.

  1. Visit the official Food Odisha Portal Farmer list page.
  2. Now click on the Farmer registration Status Direct Link
  3. After that, select your District followed by the Village name.
  4. Here, you can see your PACS Name and Secretary Name.

Farmers are getting Token through SMS

Now farmers are getting token numbers to sell their crops. In the SMS, you will receive the token number, farmer registration number, and the scheduled date and time for the pickup.


You can collect your physical token 1 day before the scheduled time. Visit your society office and ask for the token.

Overview Paddy Procurement Process 2021

Name of the SchemePaddy Procurement System (PPS)
State NameOdisha
Application ModeOnline and Offline
Application Start Date15-July-2021
Last Date of Application16-August-2021
Token Generation DateOctober 2021
Paddy Procurement Start11 November 2021
Last Date of Procurement31 March 2022

Odisha Advance Paddy Procurement Token

Food Odisha Token List The Odisha State Government has made massive preparation for the procurement of Kharif Paddy. In 2021. 14 Lakh 97 thousand farmers already have registered for the selling of their crop.


Quantity per Acer

Food Odisha Token List As per the bytes of Food Supply and Consumer Welfare Department management director Biswajit Dash, this year, a farmer can sell 19 Quintals Rice per Acer Irrigation land and 12 Quintals Rice per Acer Non-Irrigation land.

Per AcerQuantity
Irrigation19 Quintals
Non-Irrigation12 Quintals

Steps for a Farmer for Paddy Preparation

  1. Farmers are instructed to clean their crops properly.
  2. Use plastic or Jhota bags for crop packing.
  3. Each bag should be 50 KG or less than 50 KG.
  4. Keep all packets in a secure place because storage is important for this.
  5. When you receive your token from Dhan Mandi, You need to go to the Crop collection centre with your crops, ID proof and token.

District Wise Odisha FPS Dealer List

District NameNo. Of FPS Dealer

District wise No. of Depots Of Odisha Ration Card List 2022

District NameNo. Of Depots Registered

Food Odisha Tokan 2022 About Department

Food Odisha Token List Food, Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department is a composite Department with the status of both Secretariat and Directorate. Hon’ble Minister, F.S. & C.W. is Minister in charge of the Department. Commissioner-Cum-Secretary to Government is Secretary charge of the Department.  Secretary of the Department also functions as the Director, Food Supplies and Controller of Supplies.

The following is the of Department.

List of Officers

  • Commissioner-Cum- Secretary, F.S & C.W. Department.
  • Additional Secretary.
  • Addl. Secretary, Director Consumer Welfare and Controller, Legal Metrology.
  • F.A-cum-Joint Secretary (Vacant).
  • Under Secretary.
  • Deputy Director-cum-Under Secretary, F.S & C.W. Department.
  • AFA-cum-Under Secretary.

In addition the following Gazetted Officers are working in the Department under the Director of Food Supplies.

  • Deputy Director, (F.S.)
  • Asst. Director(QC)
  • A.D (F.S)
  • Asst. Director (M.I)

At the District level, the Civil Supplies Administration is under the administrative control of Collectors, who are assisted by the following Gazetted and Non-Gazetted Staff.

  • Civil Supplies Officer – 30
  • Asst. Civil Supplies Officer – 132
  • Marketing Intelligence Officer – 9
  • Marketing Intelligence Supervisor – 11
  • Inspector of Supplies – 475
  • Marketing Intelligence Inspector – 23

The following Gazetted and Non-Gazetted staff are working in the field offices under the administrative control of this Department.

  • Deputy Controller, Legal Metrology – 1
  • Assistant Controller, Legal Metrology – 13
  • Sr. Inspector, Legal Metrology – 58
  • Inspector Legal Metrology – 50
  • Asst. Director, Quality Control – 1
  • Analyst – 1
  • Asst. Analyst – 4

Food Odisha Contact Information

  • Address: Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare Department,
    Odisha State Secretariat, Sachivalaya Marg,
    Unit-2, Bhubaneswar. Odisha, India.
  • Email:

Food Odisha Token List FAQ

What will be the minimum price of the Kharif crop per quintal?

The minimum price of the Kharif crop will be 1868/- per quintal by the government.

How can you check the farmer list in the portal?

Please visit the official website of the food Odisha and enter your District, block, and village details and you will be able to see your name on the farmer’s list.

What is the toll-free number to any query or register complaint?

If you don’t get the token number or if you got the token but buyers are not buying your crops you can contact on the toll-free number provided by the department which is 1967. Call on this if you want to register a complaint.

Where did you get your token number?

You can get a token number through SMS on your registered mobile number or you can also collect it from society before 7 days.

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