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Ortel Communication injecting ads on all web page?

If you are visiting this site from ortel communication you can see a ads from bottom. this is very irritating. now here are few question.

  1. Is ortel is making money by that ads?
  2. Is someone else there who hacked there system?
  3. Is this is legal?

I previously thought there is some spyware in my system. spent lots of time by fixing.

i did following to identify.

  1. searched Google for “chrome inserting ads”. no solution found :(
  2. tried lots of antivirus and internet security. no solution :(
  3. tried Firefox found same issue. :(
  4. then i noticed laptop which i am working its not showing ads when i use 3g or any outside network. its only show when i use ortel.
  5. Given complain to Ortel and waiting for response.

If you are feeling same please comment and share.

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7 comments - What do you think?  Posted by Pankaj Pandey - December 10, 2011 at 1:25 pm

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